About us

Combining ingenuity, innovation, and passion to better serve our clients.
At Laforge Environnement, we are the experts.

About us

Combining ingenuity, innovation, and passion to better serve our clients. At Laforge Environnement, we are the experts.

Laforge Environnement

Laforge Environnement leverages better communication, better planning, and better methodologies and resources to better serve our clients and produce long-lasting results.

Our plan is clearly defined

Building stronger relationships with our clients through open, transparent communication

We put the client at the core of each mandate to understand their challenges, build a plan tailored to their needs, and recommend solutions suited to their situation.

Our team is ready and available throughout Quebec. Over the past 10 years, we’ve responded to more than 5,000 mandates across the province. The quality of our services is upheld by a strong culture of partnership and a standard of excellence among our personnel.

Two areas of focus to solve your environmental challenges

Whether our services are required for managing and controlling an environmental disaster, performing a comprehensive site assessment, or overseeing a compliance audit, our expert advisors will showcase their dedication and thorough understanding of technicalities to help you find the best environmental and financial solutions while maintaining a continuous line of communication with you and your team.

We are also proactive when it comes to prevention. We assess the environmental risks associated with your activities which reduces the probability of future contaminations and avoids considerable costs.

A meticulous methodology to bridge the gap between an idea and the solution

By quickly responding to a disaster, we can define the recovery process in terms of time and money. During an environmental assessment, we’ll take charge of every aspect of the project, even rehabilitation work if necessary.

We always work in strict compliance with regulations and we will provide you with a detailed environmental report and clear recommendations.

The executive team

Marie-Josée Bhérer

Co-Founder and President

Marie-Josée Bhérer co-founded Laforge Environnement and is constantly redefining the company to develop a climate that promotes innovation, dedication, and excellence within her team. Ms. Bhérer is also the general manager of operations at our locations in Varennes and Lévis.

Éric Caron

CESA®, Certified Expert no.385, Director
of Real Estate sector

Éric Pinard

CESA®, Technical expert, Director of quality assurance

Alain Thibeault

Directeur, Environnement

Linda Ghezali

Eng., CEA®, Technical expert, environmental regulatory compliance

Linda Ghezali

Eng., CEA®, Director of industrial projects