Environmental Remediation

Restoring landscapes to their original state. Laforge Environnement revitalizes clients’ properties and unlocks economic viability.

Environmental Remediation

Restoring landscapes to their original state. Laforge Environnement revitalizes clients’ properties and unlocks economic viability.

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

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Delivering a targeted response towards site restoration

Our exhaustive approach to site remediation will provide you with a clear, concise framework outlining scale, budget, and timelines

We will methodically analyze the properties of a contaminated site to determine the right course of action

When an environmental disaster occurs, site restoration requirements extend beyond the basics of decontamination services. The site’s history must also be reviewed to identify potential sources of contamination that could have had an impact before the disaster took place, as well as to better understand the hydrogeological properties and migration patterns below the site surface.

Our team needs to establish a causal link for two reasons: to prevent a potential resurgence of contaminants by implementing the right remediation plan and to protect the property owner or responsible parties from litigation if the environmental investigation determines they are not at fault.

Our sectors
We understand the challenges of decontamination

When carrying out environmental remediation services on your property, Laforge Environnement goes beyond its statutory duty to ensure your property complies with applicable environmental regulations and to safeguard your social and financial safety for years to come.

A remediation program requires a balanced approach in terms of the duration, cost, and feasibility of the techniques employed. That’s why our multidisciplinary team of expert advisors explore different avenues to reach remediation goals in an effective, cost-efficient manner.

Greater expertise built on years of experience leads to better results in the field

Our remediation experts have overseen thousands of environmental interventions throughout the province, be they within petrochemical depots, chemical and agri-food processing facilities, as well as numerous commercial and industrial development projects. Our proven methodology in conceptual site modelling allows us to provide our clients with tailored, flexible remediation strategies, and extends to a number of connected services:

A rigorous methodology met with collaborative remediation design

Laforge Environnement maintains close ties with many regional suppliers and specialists in order to retain cutting-edge technologies and qualified workers to implement remediation strategies that are affordable and efficient. Our community ties have helped us benefit from preferential accords with local suppliers and streamlined working relationships with governmental authorities.

Laforge Environnement has the resources and skills necessary to support you in every step of your environmental remediation project.
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