Repair the irreparable – We monitor financial and environmental risks throughout Quebec.


Repair the irreparable – We monitor financial and environmental risks throughout Quebec.

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Emergency response available 24/7
Environmental emergency expertise available 24/7
Unmatched customer service

Taking control of an unforeseen incident

When an environmental disaster occurs, our meticulous investigatory approach allows us to identify the root causes and systemic failures as a means to better protect our clients’ social and financial assets.

Our rigorous know-how will help you manage the extent of your claims

Laforge Environnement will provide you with a team of experts who work in collaboration with your insurance professionals to facilitate the claims investigation process. We are frequently called upon to provide an onsite emergency response and have therefore tailored our intervention measures to the specific conditions of each incident. This allows you to accurately identify systemic failures and determine the root causes of a disaster.

We work with you every step of the way in the wake of an incident to accurately define your financial liability and protect your assets to the greatest extent.

Our services
Our services are adapted to a wide range of situations
An expert support network for managing stakeholder needs during a disaster

When an environmental incident occurs, an improper assessment of the forensic evidence could result in unwarranted or excess liability. Laforge Environnement will provide you with the tools needed to obtain an accurate appraisal of the situation, thanks in part to a team of professionals who value accuracy and integrity above all else.

Our approach was designed to provide the most accurate and detailed depiction of an incident, which allows insurance providers and legal representatives to carry out their investigation in a rigorous and timely manner. Our standardized operational procedures include, but are not limited to:

Expertise and knowledge built on proven field experience

We’ve responded to nearly 5,000 incidents since we were founded. Our approach is adaptive, robust, and based on optimized communication, detailed planning, and the implementation of agile methodology. With five regional offices and multiple service points throughout Quebec, our teams are ready to mobilize day or night (see our Disaster Management page for more information).

Our experts are available 24/7 to provide you with the appropriate advice and services no matter the time, place, or scale of the incident.

Contact our emergency response team at 1 844 255-5236 for any spills or incidents that may potentially impact the environment. We will collaborate with your insurer and make sure that the situation is closely monitored.
Sophie Maltais
Eng., Director, Insurance and Transportation sectors
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