The plan is clear

A personalized approach through open, transparent communication

We keep our clients at the heart of each of our mandates, to better understand their issues, develop custom-fit plans and recommend the best solutions for the situation at hand.


Our team can be available on site anywhere in Quebec. Over more than a decade, we have done on-site work for over 2500 environmental cases.

Two main forms of intervention resolve your environmental issues


When immediate action is needed after an environmental accident or during a site assessment or compliance audit, our environmental consultants can be on hand at your site. They will apply their attention and know-how to help you find the best environmental and financial solution, maintaining constant contact with you and your team.


When preventive measures are wanted, we can evaluate the environmental risks connected with your activities, reducing the chances of contamination in the future and avoiding significant expenses.

A rigorous approach backed up by experience

When we’re involved right away when an accident occurs, we can manage the recovery process in terms of time and expenses. In the context of an environmental assessment, we take on the whole project, including all rehabilitation work, if necessary.


In every situation, we do things right, providing you with a detailed environmental report and clear recommendations.

Marie-Josée Bhérer

Co-founder & General Director of Operation


Co-founder of the firm, Marie-Josée Bhérer acts as the General Director of Operation of the Boucherville and Lévis branches. Through these responsibilities, she is constantly upgrading and refining Laforge Environnement to reflect the ever-changing environment by creating a favourable climate within her team.


Her studies in Environmental Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal and in Environmental Management at the College of Rosemont has allowed her to work as Responsible for the environment and health & safety for over five (5) years at Camco Inc., a subsidiary of General Electric. By her competencies, the company benefited in all technological, regulatory and sensitizing aspects. Marie-Josée Bhérer contributed to the management system, to the monitoring and control of hazardous waste, to the environmental processes, to the development of an environmentally-aware corporate culture as well as to the adoption of secure behaviours. Subsequently, in a setting of rigorous management system (ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 17025), she involves herself as Director of Operations and Logistics within the Groupe Lavergne; a leader in specialized resin production originating from recycle industrial and commercial plastic.


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Éric Caron, EESA®, Director of ESA Projects

Mr. Caron graduated with a Master of Applied Sciences as well as a Bachelor in Biological Sciences. He realized over 900 projects related to environmental site evaluations at Laforge Environnement. He is certified as Chartered Environmental Site Appraiser (EESA) by the AQVE (Quebec Environmental Auditing Association). Mr. Caron also participated in important research projects in the area of waste water treatment, one of which is a mobile waste water treatment unit actually in operation in our firm.


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Linda Ghezali, Director of Industrial Projects

Project Manager and Accredited Environmental Auditor by the Quebec Environmental Auditing Association (AQVE). Linda Ghezali has more than 15 years of experience as Strategic and Operative Consultant in environmental and sustainable development within major industrial corporations in Europe and in Canada.


She realized numerous business strategic projects related to the development, implementation, progress and improvement of integrated management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9000) together with legal compliance. She possesses a thorough knowledge of the laws and regulations for the French and Quebec jurisdictions as well as having prepared protocols and audits adapted to different institutions and developed legal monitoring tools. She also acts as Instructor and Auditor in Occupational Health and Safety and Environment.


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Éric Pinard, CESA®, project manager

Éric joined Laforge Environnement over five years ago. He is a EESA® (Chartered Environmental Site Appraiser) and HazMat technician specializing in intermodal, train, and road transport. He has a solid university education, holding a Master in applied sciences and a BA in environmental geography. His expertise includes management and supervision of assessments, environmental characterization and rehabilitation, as well as writing technical reports. He is regularly involved in managing and supervising soil, water and residue sampling campaigns for a variety of projects. As a project manager he has worked on 200 mandates involving on-site environmental assessments, including major rehabilitation projects for service stations and commercial and industrial sites.


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