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Specialists in environmental projects
and systems management

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Specialists in environmental projects and systems management

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

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Emergency response
available 24/7
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Responding to environmental spills and disasters, site assessment and remediation, environmental compliance and prevention, training and regulatory expertise: no matter the challenges you face, our experts will provide personalized, transparent support with a methodology that places you at the centre of our response. Laforge Environnement is part of your solution.

A personalized service,
a collective approach

Our environmental experts have the necessary skills to identify and assess the environmental, financial, and social constraints related to your inquiries. Support from our integrated team of engineers, biologists, geologists, and technologists allows you to implement mitigation, preventative, and remediation measures before your projects even begin.

We will do everything we can to deliver an exceptional service that is specifically adapted to your needs.

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An evolving science that requires a proactive expertise

Environmental problems are often quite complex, but the solutions don’t have to be. Our ability to adapt to the unpredictable nature of environmental challenges has made us leaders within the industries of disaster management, regulatory compliance, and environmental assessment. We value our teams’ ability to think differently and we rely on cutting-edge innovation to overcome the limits of traditional methods and approaches.

The quality of our service is the result of an agile environmental design founded on a thorough understanding of any environment’s ecological, economic, and human elements.

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