Industrial and Commercial

Advising companies in their growth strategy: developing sustainable infrastructure systems for long-term planning.

Industrial and Commercial

Advising companies in their growth strategy: developing sustainable infrastructure systems for long-term planning.

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

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Our innovative expertise as an added value to your projects

We are always one step ahead when it comes to deploying novel technologies to better serve our clients within the industrial and commercial sectors.

Working within complex environments to resolve our clients’ challenges

Implementing an industrial or commercial development project requires a plethora of different skill sets to ensure its financial feasibility, all while complying with various environmental regulations. The risk of unforeseen incidents within this sector is significant, often resulting in quantifiable impacts on project cost and profitability.

Laforge Environnement provides advisory services to its commercial and industrial clients to identify and solve their environmental problems while limiting financial consequences. Our teams focus on mitigating risks by working with our clients’ existing assets, which helps them reach their regulatory compliance objectives.

We adopt an agile project management approach, adapting our strategies in line with an iterative process to maintain a close watch on finances and optimize the use of resources.

Our services
Our multidisciplinary team considers every aspect of a development project

Our experts have acquired professional experience across a variety of sectors, including real estate, commercial transportation, infrastructure, petroleum and industrial operations, as well as specialized activities pertaining to municipal, provincial, and federal government processes. We retain in-depth knowledge of the permitting and licence proceedings regarding regulatory requirements, which means we’re able to streamline our clients’ operations within the scope of time-sensitive projects.

Our integrated approach allows us to develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients as well as project stakeholders:

Applying innovative practices to provide reliable and cost-efficient solutions

Laforge Environnement is proud to adopt modern, cutting-edge approaches to provide effective solutions to complex problems. We continuously improve our practices thanks to technological advances in various sectors, such as drone usage for contaminant migration modelling, in situ water and soil treatment systems, and mobile data collection platforms.

Laforge Environnement: Providing a reliable, cost-effective partnership supported by advanced expertise and state-of-the-art technology
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