Quick, agile support no matter where you are in Quebec.


Quick, agile support no matter where you are in Quebec.

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Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Emergency response available 24/7
Environmental emergency expertise available 24/7
Unmatched customer service

Your best ally in any condition

Our province-wide network of service points and offices allow us to retain response teams on standby, thereby ensuring a rapid response whenever and wherever you may need us

When a traffic incident disrupts your operations, take back control with Laforge Environnement

Traffic accidents often occur where roadway conditions are unfavorable, within areas far from urban centres, or during extreme weather events. Any delay in the response time can have a direct impact on the final costs of a claim.

Laforge Environnement’s team of specialists is ready to respond to traffic accidents causing oil or hazardous materials spills. We are one of Quebec’s leading emergency response teams, having overseen more than 5,000 incidences since our foundation. Every emergency response incident is contended by using an integrated management process tailored to the specific requirements and conditions of the site (see our Disaster Management page for more information). Our five main service hubs are located in Laval, Lévis, Chicoutimi, Val d’Or, and Varennes, thus ensuring a thorough coverage of the province’s primary transportation network.

A proactive and decentralized organization purpose-built for rapid response

Our emergency response taskforce remains on standby, ready to mobilize to a site within 30 minutes following the declaration of an incident. We guarantee a site presence within 60 minutes or less for incidents occurring within 50 km of one of our 5 regional offices:

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Emergency response, spill prevention and training: An important ally in safety planning and prevention

Thanks to our ability to respond to an emergency situation in a timely and efficient manner, we can control the severity of an incident, minimize environmental impacts, and limit your financial liability. Contact our emergency line at any time at 1 844 255-5236.

Every company that transports a hazardous material listed in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations must implement an Emergency Response Assistance Plan from Transport Canada (see our Petroleum page for more information).

Laforge Environnement offers personalized training programs for their clients that operate within the transportation sector to ensure proper compliance with the requirements of the ERAP and apply the best practices and procedures for responding to and controlling spills. The right training will allow you to better protect your assets and reduce the risks of repeat incidents.

Contact our environmental emergency number for any spills or traffic accidents that may have a potential impact on the environment.
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