Building strategic partnerships within our community,
for the collective good.


Building strategic partnerships within our community, for the collective good.

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

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Providing integral support for construction projects to build a safe, sustainable environment for your organization and clients.

A trustworthy partner to take on evolving regulations

Laws regulating the construction industry grow more complex every year. Instead of dedicating internal resources to understanding standards and regulations, many companies choose to rely on a skilled external partner with in-depth expertise in regulatory guidance and environmental policies.
Laforge Environnement’s team of experts can support you each step of your construction project, from design to implementation. We can assess the risks related to project costs, sustainability, and regulatory requirements and ensure that your assets remain protected in the short and long term.

We assist clients throughout their construction projects by identifying environmental health and safety risks, and providing the mitigative measures needed to prevent potential impacts:

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Providing essential value to your construction projects

We deliver proven results when it comes to complying with environmental standards, mitigating health and safety risks within the workspace, and implementing practices that have a positive impact on community involvement. Our service network enables us to cover the entire province, and we collaborate with local suppliers and subcontractors as a means to support regional economies.

By playing an active role in environmental management, we succeed in enhancing urban heritage by contributing to the development of sustainable living and working environments.

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