Real Estate

Preserve and enhance urban heritage by reaffirming your commitment to communities.

Real Estate

Preserve and enhance urban heritage by reaffirming your commitment to communities.

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Emergency response available 24/7
Environmental emergency expertise available 24/7
Unmatched customer service

A flexible approach adapted to your operations

We work with clients in commercial and industrial real estate to identify and limit the potential environmental risks associated with their current or future properties.

Your project is unique – our environmental solutions are tailored to your exact needs

Every project has its own set of unique requirements, whether it involves a real estate transaction, refinancing, or voluntary environmental remediation. At Laforge Environnement, we personalize our services to the specific conditions and variables of each assigned property. We take into account a site’s history, applicable regulations, and the needs of each stakeholder involved.

Our approach when it comes to environmental assessments is based on our experience – we will identify an exhaustive list of potential risks and eliminate them one by one. By proceeding in this way, our clients can maintain the value of their real estate assets.

Our services
We can solve complex challenges resulting from the restoration, remediation, and redevelopment of a site

We identify each site’s unique challenges and their impact on your property portfolio. Our multidisciplinary approach for resolving problems is based on our ability to provide specialized services to support you, such as:

When it comes to real estate, we know how important it is to meet deadlines. That’s why we’ve adapted our methodology to help clients pursue their business activities in a way that has a minimal impact on their timeline.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts will provide the guidance needed to navigate the regulatory environment

Dealing with environmental contamination requires a balanced approach towards assessing environmental risks, financial constraints and workplace health and safety objectives. Laforge Environnement’s directors are Certified Environmental Site Assessors (CESAs) and they, along with one of our multidisciplinary teams, will identify the risks associated with these activities, and define the proper mitigation protocols in response. Our evaluations are conducted in line with regulations in force (CSA Z768-01 standard and the site characterization guide issued by the Quebec Ministry of Environment and Fight Against Climate Change).

Our experts certified by the Centre d’expertise en analyse environnemental du Québec are empowered to certify environmental reports as per the Environment Quality Act.

No matter what kind of challenge you face within the real estate sector, our multidisciplinary team will design the best plan for your needs.
Éric Caron
CESA®, Certified Expert no.385, Director of Real Estate sector
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