Legal and Regulatory

Impartial, honest advice to help you navigate the risks of environmental liability.

Legal and Regulatory

Impartial, honest advice to help you navigate the risks of environmental liability.

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Emergency response available 24/7
Environmental emergency expertise available 24/7
Unmatched customer service

A credible, respected expertise to better serve our clients

Each and every mandate accorded to Laforge Environnement is supported by stringent documentation that can be used within a judiciary setting, be it under emergency circumstances or simply routine maintenance.

Expert witness, peer review and subrogation

Our ability to shed light on the systemic failures leading to spills, fires, and other environmental losses makes our team a key ally. We act as expert witnesses on behalf of our clients in cases of legal testimonials and are often invited to provide a peer review and subrogation assessments as a means to limit legal liability.

Our investigators can help determine if the financial, environmental, and social impacts resulting from an incident are fair and reasonable. We strive to find the best way to protect our clients’ assets.

Our services
Our expertise in risk assessment covers a wide range of situations

Laforge Environnement’s clients hail from a variety of sectors, each presenting its own set of risks. Our experts play a crucial role in identifying and mitigating these risks, thus allowing our clients to pursue their activities with peace of mind, resulting in fewer unforeseen events.

Our services have been implemented within large-scale projects across a wide variety of sectors, including petroleum, industrial and chemical processing operations, manufacturing, construction, and much more. This experience means we’re able to thoroughly assess and manage the risks associated with your organization, regardless of the field of practice.

Efficient support for environmental and regulatory policies

Because Canada’s environmental regulations are complex and constantly evolving, our clients require adaptive and responsive advisory services to remain at the forefront of their sector-specific obligations. Our team of experts in environmental policy and regulation includes professionals who are Certified Environmental Site Assessors (CESAs) and accredited by the Centre d’expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec (CEAEQ) of the Quebec Ministry of Environment and Fight Against Climate Change. No matter the specifics of their projects, with our help, clients are always able to comply with regulations and meet their obligations.

By ensuring a proactive approach to regulatory oversight which takes environmental policies into account, we add value to our clients’ assets by making it easier for them to gain governmental approvals, facilitate communication between stakeholders, and expedite operational planning.

If you need help complying with environmental policies and regulations, contact an industry leader: Laforge Environnement.
Éric Caron
CESA®, Certified Expert no.385, Director of Real Estate sector
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