Take control of environmental risks

Our made-to-measure training sessions are designed for a range of participants: directors and managers, technicians, trainers, emergency workers, advisors, internal auditors and claims adjusters.


These are a few of the training sessions that can be offered at your organization:


ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000 and BNQ 21000 awareness and initiation seminars for directors and managers

  • Environmental risks and environmental exposures: definition and socio-economic stakes
  • Types of environmental exposures: familiarisation and activity sectors
  • Environmental disasters: how they are defined and how they progress
  • Responsibilities, regulations and standards that apply when disasters occur
  • Types of disasters (accidental spills, accidents, breakdowns, fire, vandalism)
  • Potential repercussions (legal, environmental and on-property value)
  • Regulations and standards (laws and regulations, intervention guide, protection policy)
  • Responsibilities of involved parties (intervention scenarios, the nature of a mandate)
  • The steps taken in a decontamination project
  • Intervention costs
  • Review of environmental regulations
  • Environmental disasters: examples, roles and responsibilities
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Equipment
  • How to coordinate an emergency response
  • Intervention monitoring
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Statistical process control
  • EMS and HSMS awareness
  • Development and action plan
  • Document preparation
  • Implementation techniques
  • Introduction to environmental and/or health and safety management system audits
  • Environmental audit standards (ISO 19011) and/or health and safety standards
  • Initial findings
  • Introduction to auditing
  • Management program
  • Environmental performance indicators
  • Policy development
  • Impact assessment, environmental aspects study and workers health and safety risk study

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In a complex and highly regulated field, the experts at Laforge Environnement can fill you in on many topics regarding your professional challenges.


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