Environmental Management

Providing sustainable solutions through research, design, and innovation

Environmental Management

Providing sustainable solutions through research, design, and innovation

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

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Providing you with the means to reduce the ecological footprint of your activities

Every development project, regardless of scale, requires a thorough understanding of the regional environmental components and the resources therein. Our clients count on Laforge Environnement to collect and interpret the data required to protect sensitive resources and ecosystems.

Optimized environmental management practices to protect our shared natural resources

Whether your activities are focused on urban development, raw materials processing, or residual materials management, Laforge Environnement can assess the corresponding environmental impacts. Our environmental experts have the skills to understand and identify any environmental constraints associated with your activities.

Our team of biologists, geologists, ecologists, and technologists work together to implement protection and mitigation measures before your projects even begin. We provide our clients with a wide array of environmental and regulatory services, including:

Our sectors
Our executive team promotes sustainable development practices through innovative and efficient methods

Laforge Environnement is a leader when it comes to sustainability practices, in both our own activities and the services we provide to clients. Our presence throughout the province allows us to maintain a thorough understanding of local challenges towards flora and fauna as well as the applicable environmental regulations that affect our clients’ projects.

By integrating new technologies into our research practices, such as aerial and aquatic monitoring via drone surveillance and topographical assessments using geographic information systems (GIS) or LiDAR, our experts can provide impact assessments that are more detailed and efficient than ever.

Our team has extensive experience in optimizing operating systems, reducing environmental and social impacts, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting sustainability through key indicator monitoring and support programs via a wide range of complementary services:

We work in partnership with you to find the most cost-efficient solutions that can benefit the community and the environment.
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