Repair the irrepairable

We help manage financial and environmental risk throughout Quebec.

When a disaster occurs, you need the fast, effective help of a team of experts who can reign in the environmental and financial impacts of a damaging situation.


Laforge Environnement can quickly design a clear rehabilitation plan while supervising emergency clean up work. Our team of specialists deal with soil pollution and water contamination at disaster sites all across Quebec.

Our multidisciplinary team puts you at the centre of the process


When you call Laforge Environnement, you will speak with an expert environmental consultant right away so that we can understand your issues. To resolve the situation effectively, our expert will assemble and coordinate a team of professionals that can include an environmental engineer, geologist, hydrogeologist, biologist, HAZMAT technician, PROBoard certified road-rail intermodal transport expert, project manager, etc.


Our expertise allows us to work on disaster management involving hazardous materials (HAZMAT). Our clients can rest assured that we will apply the highest standards while working on their issues.


We support you with all work that has to be done, in compliance with the law and acting as your representative with authorities, including the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MSDEFCC).

Our approach to disaster management is made up of 8 thorough, reliable components

We investigate disaster sites so as to limit your financial obligations to what is essential. We are also qualified to run second expert assessments on contaminated sites.


We have carried out 2500 environmental interventions since our company was founded. Our tried and proven methods are based on superior communication and planning and the implementation of the best made-to-measure approaches.

You can call on our expertise in environmental emergencies 24/7, anywhere in Quebec

Your expert

Your Laforge environmental advisory consultant: an indispensable expert who will plan and supervise the optimal response when disaster strikes.


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Responding to environmental crises throughout Quebec

  • Oil spill or accident involving other pollutants
  • Soil contamination
  • Traffic accidents
  • Construction site incidents
  • Fires involving hazardous materials
  • Infrastructure breakdowns
  • Vandalism
  • Second expert assessment