Disaster Management

For a quick, efficient, and controlled response. We minimize the impact of your financial and environmental commitments.

Disaster Management

For a quick, efficient, and controlled response. We minimize the impact of your financial and environmental commitments.

The problem is environmental,
the solution is human.

Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Service coverage across the entire province of Quebec
Emergency response available 24/7
Environmental emergency expertise available 24/7
Unmatched customer service

Protecting your assets

With our 24/7 emergency team, we can quickly provide services on the ground where and when you need them the most.

We can manage environmental risks and their financial impact no matter where you are in Quebec

If an unforeseen event takes place, time is of the essence. It’s a critical factor that can have a significant impact on the environment, human and ecological health, and reclamation costs. Laforge Environnement has the expertise required to protect your assets when disaster strikes.

When disaster occurs, the rapid response of a team of experts is imperative to take charge of a situation which may have serious consequences on the environment and your financial well-being. When you call Laforge Environnement, you will speak with an environmental advisor who understands the challenges of an effective initial response. They will be able to quickly dispatch and coordinate a team of emergency response practitioners, including environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, biologists, HAZMAT technicians, road, railway, and intermodal transportation specialists (PROBoard certified), project managers, and more.

No matter where and when an environmental disaster may occur, we will leverage our know-how and ability to quickly and efficiently intervene. We can help with:

Our sectors
Our multidisciplinary team will put you at the heart of our service

Our emergency dispatchers are ready to respond to an emergency in under 30 minutes, depending on its location. We also guarantee our presence on site within one hour when an incident occurs within 50 km of one of our offices in the following areas:

Laforge Environnement is focused on managing risks and mitigating the spread of contaminants in order to minimize the impacts on the environment as well as private and public property. Our team of specialists will be able to quickly develop a clear, concise remediation plan and will supervise the emergency response. We will closely monitor costs and establish an open communication line between insurance providers and their clients to ensure that your liability is fair and accurate. We put our client’s health, reputation, and financial security at the heart of our actions with every mandate we undertake.

Having overseen over 5,000 emergency interventions throughout our history, our methodology has been refined in order to provide better communication, planning, and implementation of adaptive and agile response measures.

Take advantage of our 24/7 environmental emergency services anywhere in Quebec.

Interventions Throughout Quebec

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