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Our personalized approach protects the value of your property assets.

While an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is often used before committing to a real estate transaction, our environmental expertise can also be used preventively to reduce future risks. A Laforge Environnement ESA can help you find out whether you are exposed to potential disasters that are not covered by insurance or could lead to contamination that would result in expensive litigation.


Right from phase I of an ESA, our work is based on excellent, transparent communication. Because you are at the centre of our approach and our commitment, we listen to your concerns while developing the best possible plan for you.

Our comprehensive, integrated vision provides you with clear conclusions


Our approach to environmental assessment is based on experience: We run through the complete range of potential environmental risks, eliminating them upon verification, one after the other.


Our EESA® Project Manager supervises a multidisciplinary team, identifying risks and developing the right mitigation protocols for the situation. Our assessments are conducted in compliance with current regulations (as per CSA Standard Z768-01 and the site characterization guide issued by the MSDEFCC)


In Phase I, we assess the risk that a site or surrounding areas are contaminated, determining the type and location of any environmental contaminants.


When required, Phases II and III confirm whether or not there is any soil contamination; analyse stratigraphy and hydrogeological conditions; and determine options for decontamination or the mitigation of potential risks and environmental impact.

Our expertise and our network of partners cover every type of environmental situation

When Phases II and III are required, we lead all related investigations thoroughly with our pre-qualified business partners.


We provide services for all the activities listed in Appendix III of the Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation Environment Quality Act: making or transforming cardboard, metal, plastic or rugs, mechanics and vehicle maintenance, service stations, snow dumps, etc.
Whatever type of environmental assessment you need, contact us.

Your expert

Your Laforge Environnement EESA® Project Director is a guarantee of environmental expertise, managing each step in our interventions, from site inspection to writing reports, including soil, environmental and data analyses.


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Responding to environmental crises throughout Quebec

  • Real estate or financial transactions
  • In compliance with the Environment Quality Act (EQA)
  • Contaminated soil and groundwater remediation
  • Dismantling of reservoirs
  • Second expert assessment